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What types of insurance do you need for your car?

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While there are laws about which types of insurance you must carry on your car, you have some choices when it comes to optional coverage. Here's what you need to know about the insurance you need for your car, and how vehicle service coverage can help you protect your finances when traditional auto insurance won't cover repairs.

Types of auto insurance coverage

When it's time to buy insurance for your car, you have several options that fall under traditional car insurance offerings. Some of these policies may be required by state law or will be optional:


Bodily injury liability

Pays for costs associated with the recovery and medical care for someone who is injured in an accident you cause.

Property damage liability

Pays for repair or replacement of someone else's property that you damage in an accident. 

Medical payments/personal injury protection

Pays for medical costs to help you and your passengers recover from a car accident. 

Uninsured motorist coverage

Pays to repair your vehicle if someone who doesn't have enough insurance coverage or is uninsured causes an accident.


Pays to replace or repair your vehicle if you are in a damage-causing accident. 


Pays to replace or repair your vehicle if it sustains damage not caused by a car accident. Vandalism or hitting an animal may trigger your comprehensive coverage. 

Glass coverage

Covers the costs of replacing broken glass, including your windshield, no matter the reason for the breakage. 

Gap Insurance

If you owe more money than your car is worth, gap insurance can bridge the financial "gap" between the amount you owe and your car's market value if your insurance deems your car a total loss after an accident.

Some of the above policies are required by state law, but some may be optional. If you have a loan on your car or you lease a vehicle, the lender or lienholder may require collision, comprehensive, and gap coverage.


What determines auto rates?

Auto insurance companies and third-party mechanical breakdown coverage providers depend on information about your car, including age and mileage, to help determine your rates. 

In general, newer and more expensive cars may cost more to insure. The same goes for vehicle service coverage rates. Modern cars are equipped with advanced computer systems that may require special equipment and knowledge, which drives up repair bills.


When standard auto insurance isn’t enough

Even if you have the best and most complete auto insurance available, your coverage doesn't handle high repair bills due to the failure of one of your car's parts or systems. 

Vehicle Service Coverage

Auto insurance agents don't offer vehicle service coverage with their policies, but you can get help paying for high repair bills if your car breaks down when you choose vehicle service coverage from a third-party provider. 

For many people, standard auto insurance isn't enough to protect their finances. When your car needs to go to a mechanic, a high-quality mechanical breakdown plan will help you pay the bill and so much more. With Ridesure, you'll have access to rental car assistance so you don't have to miss work while your car is in the shop. We even file claims on your behalf. 

The best way to find out if vehicle service coverage may be an affordable way to help you manage future repair bills is to get a free quote online. 


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