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Extended Warranty Coverage
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Our coverage extends throughout the life of the vehicle, with one price. It’s an easy offer for your customers and a great way for you to increase your revenue.

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Why choose RideSure

Add customer loyalty to your monthly reports, Ridesure is here to make your customers happy and improve your monthly revenue.

Become business partners to an industry leader

With over 40 years in the business, Ridesure is a safe bet for your business.

Make money while taking care of customers

Our fast, easy, month-to-month coverage will have your customers referring you to all their friends and family.

Better product

When it comes to mechanical breakdown coverage, no one does it better than Ridesure.

A long-term investment

With more vehicles on the road, and the majority of them aging cars, consumer demand is high and will continue to rise.

Help customers with more than breakdown coverage

At Ridesure, we’re not only giving our customers access to breakdown coverage, but we’re also giving them peace of mind and financial security in their busy lives.

Easy for everyone

Our online platform makes it easy for your sales team and loan officers to pitch coverage as well as get your customers signed up.

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